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The Illuminated Book Of Trump

RRP $16.99

20 Politically Incorrect Trumpisms to Color for Grownups

  • Each coloring page is printed on a separate sheet to avoid bleed-through
  • Thumbnail image pages give you a quick preview look at each image
  • Each Coloring Page is Designed for Fun, Relaxation, and Stress Relief in this volatile politcal season
  • Each page is as politically incorrect as the candidate himself
  • Each page can become a treasured Political Collectible
  • Each coloring page is suitable for framing or for use as a dart board target

Hundreds of years ago, a group of men spent their lives carefully copying important works of literature. They added magnificent flourishes, images, intricate borders and hand lettered every word. They took on this task to preserve and protect those words, but in the process became the first colorists. These pages survive today as cherished works of art called Illuminated Manuscripts.
In this tumultuous time we live in, one political candidate has created a need to forever preserve his words about himself and his feelings for his fellow man and woman. What better way to preserve his pronouncements for posterity than to harken back to those olden times and create The Illuminated Book of Trump?
It is said that coloring relieves stress. It is my hope that you, the colorist, will find at least a few moments of calm, centered, zen-like freedom from political turmoil within these pages.
If you find a chuckle or two as well, that is also a good thing. Laughter is a strong tool to use against bullies and has many proven medical benefits.
So sit back, pick up your coloring tools of choice and have a go at creating your very own political memorabilia, suitable for hanging on the wall, printed out on sheep hide, papyrus, or the paper of your choice and preserving forever the memorable quotes of Donald Trump. Directions for Use:
  1. Find the coloring page that speaks to your inner Voice of Trump
  2. Pick out your coloring tools of choice
  3. Achieve an inner state of political relaxation as you color in a Trumpism for the Ages

Strum Bum

RRP $12.99

The day was beautiful, a perfect day to hang out at the racetrack. The meet was well along and crowds were good. The weather was in an in-between state, not too cold and not too hot...perfect for the horses and their fans. Then came an announcement: "Attention everyone! We have an emergency. A four-year old boy, Mickey Lewis, is missing. He was last seen with his dad and little brother in the barns. He's wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, and a blue baseball cap. Mickey has autism, is extremely fearful, and does not talk.

The Recollections Of A Drummer-boy

RRP $16.99

The Recollections of a Drummer-Boy is a fascinating look back at the lives lead by drummer boys and the things they were forced to endure; it is well worth taking the time to read.


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