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Trumpeting An Elephant's Success

One conservation group has worked to help ensure that elephants are not forgotten-and recently, it has celebrated some enormous successes. On April 6, 2006, a healthy, 295-pound, female Asian elepha........ Read More

How A Horse Racing Forum Can Help You

The internet today finds its value in two aspects: advertising and connection. These two factors are the main reason why the internet remains alive today. People either learn how to buy stuff throug........ Read More

Posting To Chat Forums Can Bring In Business... Here's How!

If you're a frequent visitor to chat forums, you can use them to your advantage without worrying about spamming anyone. That doesn't mean that you have to go in there with the sole intention of promot........ Read More

Keeping The Balance: Equalizing Instruments

If you are rehearsing or performing with a group, you automatically know that the last step before getting onto the stage is to make sure that everything blends. There is nothing that kills a perfo........ Read More

Electronic Drum Kits Signify Modernization Of Music-making

Drum kits have evolved significantly in recent decades from the classic bass-snare-cymbal combination into electronic devices that have essentially changed the way music is made. Electronic drum kits ........ Read More

Musical Instrument Digital Interface - The Midi Trinity

Officially, MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and it was invented in 1982. These days, it refers to three components: 1. A physical connector – between electronic instruments ........ Read More

6 Easy Steps Trumping All Obstacles.

Planning for success is an important way to overcome barriers to growth. It’s similar to taking a vacation. You need a guide or a road map to keep you on course and give you direction. Would you att........ Read More

Purchasing Musical Instruments

Purchasing musical instruments is not as easy as it used to be a couple of years ago. During that time, the number of instruments available was less. But even then, the buyers needed to have some know........ Read More

Rumination On The Ps3 Game And Console

PS3 games have been long awaited by its fans. With the expected release of the PlayStation 3 console in November, 2006 approaching fast, gamers are enthusiastic about the new experience it offers. Sad........ Read More

Viral Marketing Using Forums

There are different types of forums, beyond the obvious topical types, of “marketing” or “special interest”, etc. “Marketing” and “special interest” are two types of what are commo........ Read More

Day Trading Forum Basics

If you are interested to be at a day trading firm, you can jump into a day trading forum and have it as your training ground. Day trading can be a very confusing field and will require you to have a l........ Read More

Gastritis: More Than Just A Grumbling Stomach

Ever experienced vomiting blood or having coffee-ground like material and dark stool? Ever felt abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and constant hiccups? Then you might be one of the more than 10% of pe........ Read More

Various Ways To Interface Your Instrument To Your Computer

If you're like me, you are obsessed with home recording. I've spent a lot of time and money figuring out the best way to connect my microphones and guitars to my computer over the years. Here are the ........ Read More

Finding Musical Instruments Shopping Places

Many grade school and middle school’s offer music programs in their curriculum. In finding musical instruments shopping places, parents will automatically assume that any music store in town will ha........ Read More

Types Of Drums Based On Your Musical Genre

The components of your drum kit may vary greatly from that of any other drummer based upon the genre in which you play as well as your personal preferences and financial resources. Transportation issu........ Read More


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